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Top 10+ source code search engines

Programmers are coding and coding in somewhere for some purpose. I wonder how many lines of code is written in a minute on the world :) I guess thousands of lines. But most them are coding the same snippets of code again and again. I always used "Koders" not to reinvent america, means not to rewrite the codes someone else have already solved. There are plenty of code search engines out there to serve us (programmers) with the millions of lines of codes to fasten our job. Here is the most used ones i could found on the internet.

  • - is the leading search engine for open source code. Our source code optimized search engine provides developers with an easy-to-use interface to search for source code examples and discover new open source projects which can be leveraged in their applications.

  • O'Really Labs Code Search - The database currently contains over 123,000 individual examples, composed of 2.6 million lines of code — all edited and ready to use.
  • Google /*Code Search*/ - is a free product from Google which debuted in Google Labs allowing web users to search for open-source code on the Internet. Features include the ability to search using operators. These are lang:, package:, license: and file:. The code available for searching is in various formats including tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .tar, and .zip, CVS and Subversion repositories as well as snippets from HTML pages such as Wikipedia itself.

  • Codase - is an innovative and unique search engine for source code. Codase offers the best search results than any other services available today in source code search space.
  • Krugle - is a search engine that allows programmers and other developers to search Open Source repositories in order to locate open source code, and quickly share the code with other programmers on the internet.

  • JExamples - provides the ability to search for Java projects. The examples extracted from open source search engine understands the semantics of Java, so the search yields more accurate results than a text search. The site also provides the ability to rate examples so the highest rated examples will be shown first.
  • JSourcery - Search open source Java APIs
  • Merobase - is a software search engine that allows developers to find, share and reuse software components from the Internet. The engine harvests software components from a large variety of sources, including Apache, SourceForge, and
  • All The Code - is a source code search engine, presently for the Java language but with more languages being added soon. Unlike similar source code search engines, All The Code considers the relation between code and uses this to help judge the relevance.
  • EMC Dev Network - Searching 312,750 lines of code at EMC Developer Network. Powered by Kders.
  • Codefetch - Its mission is to connect programmers and authors so that programmers get the information they need, and the work of authors is supported and encouraged.
  • DevX's Sourcebank - is a directory of links to source code and script posted around the Web. Use the Search option to find terms within the source code. To cast the widest net, use the search with All Types selected. Or, you can browse through a subset of the code by categories (below). First, select a filter, such as C or Java, by clicking on one of the square buttons and then choose one of the categories (such as Mathematics) from within that filter.